From the time she was young, all Lucy wanted to do was become a mother. But after years of failed fertility treatments and the miscarriage of two babies, Lucy and her husband decided to stop trying.

Although Lucy’s heart ached, she started moving on. She bought a house with her husband and designed a beautiful guest room instead of a nursery. She took on a job with more responsibilities and longer hours. She invested her spare time into her community.

She’d managed to accept that this was how her life was going to be. Until the day, she got sick. She had so much difficulty with nausea that her husband took her to the emergency room where the doctor revealed Lucy was eight weeks pregnant.

Months later, Lucy gave birth to a perfectly healthy little boy. She felt overwhelmed by the beautiful blessing God had given her. “I thought my dreams for a family were dead, but God resurrected them!” She told a friend.

Resurrection Comes in Many Forms

When most people think of the word “resurrection” they think of Jesus Christ returning after the Crucifixion. This is definitely the most important resurrection in all of history.

In fact, it’s the Resurrection that gives us hope, comfort, and peace. But there are actually several different types of resurrection that can affect your life. Here are a few examples …

  • Relational Resurrection
  • Emotional or Financial Resurrection
  • Physical Resurrection
  • Dream Resurrection

Have you experienced any of these resurrections?  I’d love to hear your story, share it in the comments below.