I became a Life Coach because I wish I would have had one when I was so “stuck” in life that I couldn’t move. I had left my career of being a Youth Pastor/ Missionary and now was floundering from job to job. I use to have passion and vision and that seemed to have disappeared. I needed someone to help pull it out of me. That is what Life Coaching does, helps you explore your options, dreams, goals, and gives you accountability. Even if you have your dream job and kids, there can still be areas of your life that feel flat and put on hold.

I would like to share with you a journal entry from back when I was “stuck” on my journey.

“I sat in my car parked in the shade, protecting it from the blazing 98 degree 85% humidity outside. I had just seen a classic chick flick, one that made me laugh, cry and feel a strand of hope. But ultimately as I sat in my shaded car, I was reminded, no struck, with how stuck I am. Stuck like a bowl of jello.

Ever been stuck like that? Stuck in the sludge and despair. Stuck to the point where you can’t see your arms, just brown much up to your ears. Ever been so stuck that the only that your inner voice is whispering is “Your going to be stuck forever!”?

I tried to rise above the sludge, the oppressive emotion that I couldn’t move, I wanted to float above it all and look down on my head sticking out of the muck with disdain. I wanted to wad through the grim and see what jewels I emerged with, but fear washed over me. I feared there were no more jewels to be found in the grey much that seeped out my every outlet. I was so stuck that I was to abandon ship, only I didn’t what ship I was on, therefore I was stuck again. I didn’t even know what to abandon.

As my sweat inhaled with my tears, it hit. Offer God my feelings of being stuck. Take my stuck head, no armed body encased in grey muck before Him. He says come as your are. Something resonated deep inside, I believe that be true. So it that’s what I know to be truth at this moment than that’s all I can do. No shame. No fixes. Just a stuck head and with a heart flicking out pulses of hope that this be it! Flickers of maybe He’ll surprise me with a jewel. I turned up the AC, pulled away from shady spot and drove knowing that He saw my sludge colored emotions because I willing to show it to Him.”

I had to accept where I was before I could move forward. I had to acknowledge that I thought it was impossible to rise above it. Acceptance is key to everything! You can’t build on a foundation that hasn’t been established. Acceptance is your foundation.

What have you not accepted in your life? What are you afraid to admit out loud to yourself?