Prayer Mantra

We are told to pray without ceasing.
That seems impossible!
What in the world would one say all day?

“Pray all the time” is possible through shifting our mindset. We already have our minds open all day to the things around us. Think about music playing in the background, we don’t always focus on it, we forget it’s there at times, and then all of a sudden, we find ourselves humming along. That is how we can “pray all time”, keeping our minds open as we do to a radio playing in the background.

Praying is like thinking and thinking is like praying. We think all day long so what is the difference. The difference is our thinking is not usually focused. Let’s be honest, arranging our thoughts at times is like trying to wrestle a wet pig. Once we allow our thoughts to become a prayer, we in turn are organizing our thoughts. Doesn’t that sound glorious? Thoughts that don’t overwhelm, but rather calm the racing mind.

Praying to God throughout the day should become like breathing. We do it all the time without thinking, it is a voluntary and involuntary action that our bodies need to stay alive. When you take a deep breath say a prayer. When you exhale, say a prayer. Prayer keeps us alive in the Spirit.

When you are specifically speaking to God daily about one thing it’s easier to see His works and leading. When we have our intimate prayer with God, we feel closer to His love and movements. It helps our thoughts stay focused and our breathing intentional.

This is why I created a prayer mantra, my praying without ceasing. It continually runs through my mind, helps to center and remind me that the Holy Spirit is all around me. My prayer mantra got me through PTSD, General Anxiety Disorder, and a heart-wrenching divorce. I am not saying my prayer mantra healed these things, but rather it continually injected my heart with hope that God had not left me. When my world collapsed around me, I only had one thing to stand on, my hope in God. When I was stranded on the island of “out of control” and “cheated on”, I only could cry out to God, as He is our only source of help (Psalms 121:1).

What is your prayer mantra? What prayer do you have in your mind at all times? How could it help you if you did have a personal prayer mantra? If you don’t have one, I can help. I have broken down developing your prayer mantra into a 6-week group coaching program called One Word to Transformation.

*Discover your special word between you and God
*Explore how God wants to rescue from you and interject Himself into your daily thoughts
*Find a verse that answers your deepest struggle
*See how God’s character is at work in tandem with your special word

One Word to Transformation will breathe fresh life into your soul that was battered in 2020.
You will learn to pray in a whole new light when you have discovered your prayer mantra!
The Bible says that our souls will delight when we meditate on His word day and night.
(Joshua 1:8)

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Journey Well

Coach Holly

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