I wrote my first prayer journal I’m so excited to share it with y’all! Isn’t it funny how life never runs out of “firsts”? I knew I want to do something around my favorite Psalm 18:19. As I began studying the verse, I realized how I had never taken the entire chapter into account. I mean, I had never pulled it apart like I have verse 19. So, I jumped into all of Psalms 18, well, at least through the 24th verse.

David wrote this Psalm directly to God. It’s an intimate look at David’s grateful heart towards God. He knew that it was because of God that he was still alive. He had invaded the hands of King Saul, and all his soldiers searching for him. David shows off in this Psalms with some of the most powerful images of God at work. It gives us a little glimpse into how God fights for His children.

Years later, after David’s first big victory against the Hittites, David sings this song again. In 2 Samuel 22: 1-25. David signs out once again how God came down from Heaven to save him. This is a Psalm of pure joy and from a thankful heart.

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I am excited for you to read the epic imagery of God’s hand on David. God’s hand is also on us. We need to stop to remember that God has never deserted us. We can use David’s words of thanksgiving as our prayer to God. I pray the words of this Psalm to touch your heart as they did mine.

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