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My purpose is peace.
Peace is defined as:

Freedom From Disturbance

Quiet And Tranquility

State Or Period Were There Is No War Or The War Has Ended

Each of these definitions plays a part in my story. I have weathered many storms through full-time ministry, cross country moves (Austria, Ireland, and back to the US), anxiety and depression, lost identity, PTSD, financial hardships, and divorce. At many points, peace seemed to be distant but was always what I was longing and holding hope for. Through every storm, a glimmer of peace would shine through like a ray of light through dark clouds. Every time I grew a step closer and fought harder for more. 

I am a dreamer and a passionate person. I always thought I knew what I wanted in life and what my purpose looked like. I had wrapped it up into one bright sparkly indestructible box. What I didn’t account for was life throwing me curve balls, living with the consequences of other’s decisions, and my body’s own anxieties.

During one of my darkest days, a friend asked me to promise them one thing. They asked me to promise them that I would “journey well”. The journey doesn’t have to look pretty; in fact, to journey well, it is going to be messy. Purpose doesn’t change. Gifts and talents don’t change. Life changes. I learned that to journey well, I had to adapt. I started focusing on God’s truth and my truth. I could not let others’ ideas of me nor expectations define my steps forward. It’s my belief that propels me forward! It’s my truth that illuminates the path before me. Nobody else’s truth can guide or define my journey.

One of my favorite adaptations has been being a Life Coach! I am here to journey alongside you. I am here to be your cheerleader. I offer you with open arms non-judgmental accountability. I offer you space to find your words, unbox your purpose, and if you feel lost, help you find your way back to your life’s journey. I want to give you the tools to discover and accept exactly who God made you to be. It’s time to fully live your unique purpose!

At the age of 14, I knew I wanted to work with people. At various stages of life, this has looked very different. But now, as a coach, my job is to create a safe space for you to find your peace within.

“I’m leaving you well and whole. That’s my parting gift to you. Peace. I don’t leave you the way you’re used to being left-feeling abandoned, and bereft”


John 14:27

Journey Well,