You are here for a reason. A purpose. You may not see it now, but this is the beginning. The beginning of YOUR journey.

Does your life feel stalled? Do you catch yourself wondering “Is this it?”,
“Did I miss my moment?”

You are not alone. This world plays unfair games that leave us questioning our instincts, desires, callings, and even at time’s what is truth.

Has your heart been rendered speechless? It’s scary when you know you need help, but your heart has no words. You can get them back I promise!

Does it feel as though a dark cloud of “shoulds” is strangling you? Do you sometimes feel regret and remorse lingering in the back of your mind?

You were not created to feel boxed in. You were not placed on this earth to settle or even worse feel lost on your life’s journey. You are not paralyzed. You can break free!

When you are journeying well you will feel empowered and excited to explore all that you were created to be. You have been give the chance to live your life not only to the full but with abundance!

Acceptance is the foundation for everything in your life. Your strength comes from self acceptance. You must eliminate the shoulds in your life. Accepting your true self happens when you detach from false expectations, shed the shoulds, and When your foundation is established than you can truly being to build upon it.


I have walked the journey many women face having to make health decisions that would alter their ability to have children. And like many, I questioned my faith. My trust was tested. It was a painful journey sorting through false expectations, shoulds, cultural changes, and where God was in all of this and if I wanted anything to do with Him.

And one day I merged from what felt like overpowering waves and water and walked onto the beach a refreshed and revived Holly. God and I had had our words, He handled my anger, waited patiently, showed me glorious love and grace through the deep waters. He was holding my hand the day I merged onto the beach.

My life is my journey! It is not what my friends, family, or the world says it is. Noone’s horrible decisions were my identity- I believed in me! It’s my belief that propels me forward! It’s my truth that illuminates the path before me. Nobody else’s truth could’ve guide or define my journey. The truth is always revealed. My truth is enough! My Journey Well.

When you are living an authentic life you are operating out of freedom and truth. Your truth is your guiding light, it’s what lights up the path for your journey. It is the light strong enough to overpower the dark clouds of should. Authenticity is the opposite of being stuck or boxed in my life. Authentication allows you to hear the sound of your own music; to sing and dance as freely as the opening scene from Sound of Music.

I had just spent a year recovering from anxiety and depression (from leaving my life in Europe and transitioning back to the States. I moved to Europe at 23 and at 33 years had no idea how to be an adult in my native country.) I was at a wooden boat show in quaint small town in South Carolina. The street were blocked off and filled with really cool handmade boats. I knew nothing about boats. I still don’t. But, all of a sudden it hit me; I was calm, I had nothing else on my mind, all I had to do that day was wander and enjoy wooden boats. Joy and relief washed over me! I realized I was breathing deeply and living in the moment. For the first time in years, there was no thought of what I should be doing or needed to be done next. I was breathing in and exhaling peace. I have been through the darkness and I promise you that the light always wins!

Abundance is the overflow of your contentment. Abounding in life happens when you learn to appreciate the moment before you and nothing else. Abundance flows from a heart that is beating true to it’s purpose. When you truly abound, you feel the most fully alive.

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I would totally recommend Holly as a life coach. We began by discussing areas of my life that were changing and we decided to focus on one area that would make the biggest impact on myself AND my family. Not having any expectations going in, I came away with way more ideas on how to move forward. She walked me through different scenarios and allowed ME to share my thoughts and feelings. I loved how she would lead with questions and listen to my responses which would help her guide our conversation. She would repeat back to me what she heard and that’s when the change began to happen. Talking things out with someone can help YOU see the bigger picture and see what is really important. Holly is super easy to work with and I know she will bless your life.


I have truly enjoyed working with Coach Holly! She listens intently and gives me different perspectives on my work situations, which has helped me improved my professional relationships. She also honed in on my strengths and accomplishments, and ensure that I get the most out of them. She is incredibly passionate in breathing life into my passions and dreams in pursuing my next venture. She has helped me to grow spiritually and mentally in just a few sessions!!

Shavon Jones